After Haryana, Another Video of Hate Speech by Hindutva Activist Surfaces in UP

After Haryana, Another Video of Hate Speech by Hindutva Activist Surfaces in UP

Will pull out babies from the wombs of Muslim women, says Karni Sena state chief in viral video shot two months ago

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NEW DELHI — A video clip of violent hate speech has surfaced on social media showing Hindu extremists giving a vile threat to Muslims and saying that he will pull out unborn babies from the wombs of their women.

Thakur Senghan Chauhan who is the state president of Karni Sena, a Hindu extremist outfit that has been involved in a number of hate attacks in recent years, can be heard making the vile remarks in a boastful tone, amidst the chants of Jai Shree Ram. “Even if a Hindu gets a scratch let alone shot or attacked we will go into their (Muslim) homes and pull out the babies from the wombs of their women and kill them,” Chauhan says while giving a byte to a journalist on camera.

The video is purportedly more than two months old from a time when Dasna temple was in news over an assault on a Muslim child for venturing in the temple premises to drink water. Chauhan says in the video that he has come to the temple on the orders of his leader Suraj Paul Amu, the national president of the outfit.

As the video again started doing rounds on social media it sparked outrage from people and Gahziabad Police station Wednesday took to Twitter and announced that they have registered a case at Musoori Police Station and arrested the accused.

The video surfaces amidst the massive outrage against recent Mahapanchayats held in Haryana’s Mewat region where people in tens of thousands gathered in support of those accused in lynching of a Muslim gym trainer, Asif Khan. A number of Hindutva leaders, including Amu addressed the gatherings and delivered speeches full of hate against Muslims.

While addressing the gathering of 50,000, Amu asked the “real Hindus” to raise their hands. He termed the Muslims as Pakistanis. He said that Asif Khan was murdered for his deeds. Ammu made an unsubstantiated claim that Asif used to click nude pictures of Hindu women. “Should we not even murder them? Muslims are not our brothers…,” he added.

After the media reported about the speeches made at the gathering, the Haryana police claimed that it had opened a probe to look into the content of the speeches particularly that of Amu.

“We have taken cognisance of this viral video and we will take action,” district Superintendent of Police Narendra Bijarniya told NDTV.

Amu was in news in 2017, when Karni sena started a protest against Bollywood film Padmavat. Amu put a bounty of 10 crores on the makers of the movie. He was booked for criminal conspiracy.

Amu is an active member of the RSS which he joined at the age of ten. He is associated with the Sangh for more than 40 years and a BJP worker for the last 30 years. He claims to have been groomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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