Aligarh News: Thakur-Dalit community clashed over dog barking, many injured in stone-firing, smashed Ambedkar’s statue

Aligarh News: Thakur-Dalit community clashed over dog barking, many injured in stone-firing, smashed Ambedkar’s statue

Sudhakar singhLipiUpdated: 17 Jan 2021, 12:41:00 PM

The controversy took ethnic color after the dog barked in Aligarh, UP. The village was ransacked and fired. At the same time, the statue of Ambedkar has also been damaged. PAC has been deployed with heavy police force in view of the tension in the village.



  • Struggle over dog barking dispute in Iglas police station area of ​​Aligarh
  • Stoning and firing in village between Thakur and Dalit community
  • Several injured in the clash, Ambedkar’s statue was also broken in the village
  • After the tension, many police stations deployed on the spot, PAC also deployed
Ajay Kumar, Aligarh The
controversy over a dog barking in Aligarh increased so much that there was a clash in the village. Many people have been injured in stone pelting and firing. Meanwhile, the Ambedkar statue in the village was also damaged. Tight security arrangements have been made in the village following the escalation of tension. PACs have also been deployed.

The case is related to Barula Haji village of Lodha police station area of ​​Iglas assembly constituency. There was fierce stone pelting between two parties in the dog dispute here. It is alleged that people from one side first assaulted the people of the Dalit community. After this, the statue of Ambedkar present in the village was also damaged. The dispute caught up and both sides came face to face. Several people of the Dalit community were injured in the clash. In view of the tension in the village, the force of many police stations reached the spot. Presently, PAC has also been deployed in view of tense situation in the village. Immediately all police forces including SDM and CO reached the village.

In the case, both sides have been given a complaint. Police is investigating the case. In fact, in the village Badola Haji of Lodha region, a teenager from the Dalit side, Veeru was going towards his farm. Meanwhile, Gaurav, a youth of Thakur Paksha, was walking his dog. Veeru asks Gaurav to separate the dog. It is alleged that Gaurav abused Veeru on this. Veeru came to her house on this matter and told her mother.

Veeru’s mother Thakur went to Gaurav’s house on the side and complained about this. It is alleged that after this, people of Thakur side arrived on board about 10 vehicles and vandalized the house of Dalit community. The quarrel increased so much that stone pelted from both sides. It is alleged that people of Thakur Paksha also damaged the statue of Ambedkar present in the village.


On the other hand, the Thakur side has also accused the Dalit side of assaulting and throwing stones. In view of the tense situation arising after the Ambedkar statue was damaged in the village, SDM Cole, along with the Police Officer, Gabhana Police Force, reached the spot immediately. SDM Anita Yadav said that she had received information that the children had been molested. One side was just stating that he was going to the farm and this was a debate among themselves. The feud later escalated on both sides. It was then reported that the statue of Ambedkar had been broken.

Looking at the state of tension, the force has come here. In Tahrir too, he has written that there was a fight between our children. The idol in the village has been damaged. BSP District President Ratandeep Singh from SDM Coal and CO present at the spot demanded to install a new statue of Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Apart from this, the arrest of the accused and action under NSA has been demanded from the district administration. Police officer Karmaveer Singh says that there was a dispute among children in village Barula Haji of Lodha police station area. The statue has been damaged and a lawsuit has been filed. Legal action is being taken.

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