Ambedkar statue was damaged by anarchists in Dhekwara village of Kopaganj police station area

Ambedkar statue was damaged by anarchists in Dhekwara village of Kopaganj police station area

Updated Tue, 29 Dec 2020

Mau / Kopaganj The statue of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, installed on the roadside in Dhekwara village of Thana area, was damaged by unidentified men on Monday night. The villagers came to know about it on Tuesday morning, on which a demonstration was led by the village head and tried to block the jam. But he did not succeed with the arrival of police in time. Police rushed to the spot and persuaded the villagers to calm down. On the assurance of CO Ghosi Dhananjay Mishra, the Principal Representative entrusted the police to file a report.

Ambedkar’s statue is installed on the roadside in the Dalit township located in Dhekwara village of Kopaganj police station area. On Monday night, a chaotic element broke the glasses of the installed statue and a finger. Villagers came to know about the incident on Tuesday morning. The information about the statue being demolished spread to the entire Dalit colony in an instant. On receiving the information, Pradhan reached the spot. During this, the villagers started demonstrating under the leadership of the Pradhan. During this time, the villagers planned to jam the National Highway-29, when the police reached the spot after getting information. Station Head Ajay Tiwari tried to convince the villagers. But the villagers were not ready to retreat, On this, the police station gave information to high officials. A heavy force reached the spot on this. CO Ghosi, who reached the spot, explained to the people and pacified them. After the villagers were calm, the police called the mason and started the repair work of the statue. The village head representative Subhash has given a police complaint against unknown mischievous elements.

Even before the statue has been damaged in
Kopaganj. This is not the first incident to damage the statue installed in Dhekwara Gram Sabha. The village head representative Subhash and other villagers said that this is the third incident. For the last three years, there has been an incident of the statue being damaged by the mansions.

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