Members of the audience at the convention also asked speakers if they could legally refuse to rent out their houses to Muslims, and how they could convince residents in their neighbourhood not to buy items from Muslim-owned grocery shops, Boom Live reported.

Last month, Nomani had also filed a complaint against Hindu Janajagruti Samiti coordinator Chandru Moger. According to Nomani, Moger had urged Hindus to boycott Muslim fruit-sellers, and accused them of engaging in “spit jihad”.

Initially, the police had only filed a non-cognisable report, and they filed a first information report only after a Bengaluru court gave directions to do so, according to The Wire.

However, Moger has not yet been arrested.

In his complaint against the Bengaluru District Hindu Rashtra Convention, Nogar alleged that police inaction in Moger’s case had emboldened Hindutva groups to organise more such events.