Barmer news: Dominate feudalism, Dalit elders beaten to death

Barmer news: Dominate feudalism, Dalit elders beaten to death

Updated: 25 Oct 2020

A case of beating up of Dalit elders in Barmer district of Rajasthan has come to light. According to the information, the domineering of the village beat up the elderly, which led to his death.

Barmer news: Dominate feudalism, Dalit elders beaten to deathBarmer
border is not taking the name of stopping atrocities on Dalits in Barmer district. A similar case has surfaced in Bandra village of Nagana police station area of ​​the district. Here a Dalit elder was beaten to death. It is being told that after a mutual confrontation during a liquor party, six Dabangos of the village, while retaliating, assaulted the elderly in the car on the second day of the violence. So he died at the same time.

The incident occurred in Jagran, so
let us tell you that the murder of Ganesh Kumar, the son of the deceased, presented a report that on 22 October, there was night awakening in our house at Chamunda Mata temple. Hakam Singh and Uday Singh came to this night. He drank alcohol there and insulted his father with racist words due to old enmity. On 23 October, the next day after Jagran, his father went to Hakmsingh’s shop to get the goods from the house. His father was badly assaulted while keeping the old rivalry there. The body was later murdered and put into a carriage. Later, these people informed him of the deterioration of his father’s health, which the doctors declared him dead after bringing him to Barmer.

Police are now engaged
, according to information found in the investigation, the deceased’s son has registered a case with the police that his father has been killed by Hakam Singh, Uday Singh, Swaroop Singh, Swaroop, Sujan Singh and Nathuram son Naranaram. The victim has registered a case of murder against the accused. The police have registered a case and started investigating. Until the arrest of the same accused, the people of Dalit society have refused to bear the dead body. The police body is kept in the morchary of the state hospital.

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