Bihar: Woman forced to ‘marry’ man as ‘revenge’ for her son eloping with girl

Bihar: Woman forced to ‘marry’ man as ‘revenge’ for her son eloping with girl

TNN | Updated: Nov 22, 2020

PATNA: A 43-year-old woman was forcibly “married off” to a physically challenged septuagenarian Dalit man as an act of revenge against her son, who had eloped with a neighbour’s daughter at a village in

After the eloped couple posted their wedding photos on social media, the girl’s family took “revenge” by forcibly putting vermillion on the forehead of the youth’s mother and making her exchange garlands with the Dalit man. They also tonsured her head.

A video of the incident, which took place on November 14, went viral on social media on Friday. Police said the woman’s son is 21 and the girl he married is around 18 years old, but the couple is untraced. However, two of the accused are in custody. Biraul SDPO Dilip Kumar Jha said Ghyanshyampur SHO has been directed to contact the cyber cell and get the video removed from social media platforms.

“The incident took place on November 14. The woman’s hair was chopped off and was forced to undergo wedding rituals. The woman’s husband lodged an FIR with Ghanshyampur police station against 15 relatives of the girl. Both families are neighbours,” Jha said.

The SDPO said the girl’s uncles Shivji Jha (50) and Bhawendra Jha (35) were arrested on November 18. “Thirteen others, including some aged above 80, are yet to be arrested. Police would move court on Monday to procure arrest warrants against them,” he added.

Jha said a magistrate, a police officer and additional force is deployed near the woman’s house to avoid any further untoward incidents. He said both families belong to the same caste.

Jha said the girl went out on November 12 on the pretext of attending coaching classes. “She eloped with the youth. On the evening of November 13, the girl’s family approached Ghanshyampur police station and lodged an FIR against the boy, his parents and five more family members for kidnapping her with intention of marriage,” he said.

SDPO said probably the youth and girl got to know about the FIR after which both posted photographs of their marriage on their respective social media profiles.

“These photographs infuriated the girl’s family and they barged inside the youth’s residence and ransacked it. They forcibly took the youth’s mother to their home where the ugly incident took place,” Jha said.

The SDPO said the woman’s husband had alleged that the girl’s family members had also looted some jewellery and other items. “A cycle which was taken was later recovered from girl’s residence by the police,” he added.

Ghanshyampur SHO Ashutosh Jha said the youth worked in Mumbai and had returned after lockdown. “Both families knew about their affair since long,” he said, adding, that the physically challenged Dalit man, also a neighbour, was forcibly brought to the spot by the girl’s family.

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