Pohottuwa To Revive Anti-Muslim Campaign And Probes Against Opponents As Election Campaigns Kick Off

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna will resurrect several sharply divisive themes that helped President Gotabaya Rajpaksa cruise to victory in the November presidential election as the parliamentary election campaign kicks off including a hate campaign targeting Muslims and neo-colonial conspiracies against the West Colombo Telegraph learns.

Reliable sources told Colombo Telegraph that law enforcement has been instructed to resume hyper activity on multiple investigations including fake sterilization conspiracy involving the Muslim surgeon Dr Shafi, the Ranjan Ramanayake phone recordings, the detention of attorney Hejaaz Hisbullah, the Swiss embassy abduction saga, former Minister Champika Ranawaka’s motor accident and cases against strong politicians in the opposition camp with a view to the August 5th general election. Former CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekera will also be a main target during the renewed investigation drive targeting the election.

Sources said the public could expect to see a heightened propaganda drive on all these cases and a resumption of anti-Muslim slogans in relation to the Easter Sunday bombings in 2019. The Easter Sunday bombings will also be used to discredit the opposition which held office when the attacks took place but wil carefully avoid laying blame on former President Maithripala Sirisena who is now chairman of the SLPP-SLFP alliance and SLPP candidate from the Polonnaruwa district.

Colombo Telegraph learns however that instructions have been given to all true-burgundy SLPPers from the highest levels of the party to work behind the scenes to discredit President Sirisena which could leave him trailing in the preferential vote contests in his home district. Growing divisions within the SLPP-SLFP alliance will peak during the electoral contest in which the ruling party is running almost without a contest. SLPP candidates will be given funding and marketing opportunities exceeding SLFP candidates which could lead to the defeat of the SLFP group in several districts. Other divisions are also simmering between SLPP politicians and the Viyathmaga candidates more aligned to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the groups compete for party funding and presidential patronage for an edge in the polls.

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