Controversy over the procession of Scheduled Castes:

Controversy over the procession of Scheduled Castes:

The accused got angry after seeing the groom sitting on the mare, used caste words, the procession took place under the shadow of the police.


In the village Khandigara of Kanwan police station area, there was a dispute over the procession of the scheduled caste class. Some youths protested against the removal of the groom on a mare in the village on the basis of the Scheduled Caste category. The matter escalated so much that the police had to be called. In the presence of the police, the groom was taken out in a procession on a mare. Acting on the report of the groom’s father, the police registered a case against five people.

Complainant Uday Singh’s father Nanuram Banjariya resident Baiganda lodged a police report. He said in the report that his son Shailesh was getting married to Keshar Singh’s girl in village Khandigara. For this, we reached Khandigara Gate with about ten settled processions in the night. From here the groom was placed on the mare and the procession with the bandwagon was about to leave for the bride’s house. During this, some youths came on bike and started saying that the groom will not go on a horse in our village. After this, he used abusive words using caste words. Due to the increasing controversy, the groom also got off the mare in panic. Here, the girl’s relatives also came to persuade the youth, but they did not listen to anyone.

Groom’s banola taken out under the shadow of the police

The incident was informed to the Kanavan police. Force reached the village, meanwhile the accused fled. After this the groom was put on the mare again and the moving ceremony was taken out in the village. During this, police force personnel were walking around the groom and in front and behind the procession. In the village, a procession was taken out under the shadow of the police. The marriage took place late at night. After that the police took action.

police action

TI Deepak Singh Chauhan told that the police had reached the village as soon as the information about the matter was received. In this case, the police have registered a case against Nepal Singh, Kanha Singh, Dilip Singh, Gattu Singh, Dashrath Singh resident of Khandigara.

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