Dabangs beat up Dalit’s son and daughter

Dabangs beat up Dalit’s son and daughter

Hindustan Team, Bareilly Published By: Newswrap Sun, 10 Oct 2021 10:00 PM

Dabangs beat up Dalit's son and daughter

Faridpur. The Dalits and their daughter and son were brutally beaten up by the oppressors for opposing the lifting of soil from the fields. The injured was admitted to the CHC. Veerpal of Sukatiya village of Faridpur told that the bullies of the village forcibly reached to lift the soil in his field. Veerpal’s son and daughter Pooja came to protest. After which the bullies started beating them mercilessly. Both of them escaped from the spot and saved their lives. Veerpal gave a complaint in the police station and demanded to register a case of dalit harassment and assault. Police has started investigation of the matter.

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