Dalit Family Attacked Twice In 1 Hr For Visiting Kutch Temple

Dalit Family Attacked Twice In 1 Hr For Visiting Kutch Temple

  • Ahmedabad Mirror 30-10-2021 06:00 AM

Dalit family members who were attacked and had to be hospitalised

Members of a Dalit family in Kutch were attacked twice in a span of an hour, their farm overrun by cattle and their rickshaw badly damaged for praying at the village temple.

Kutch East Police on Friday arrested five of 20 people accused of attempting to murder six members of the Vaghela family in Ner village of Bhachau in Kutch district. The FIRs were filed on October 27 and arrests made three days later on October 29.

The two attacks on October 26 were prompted by the police-escorted prayer by the Dalit family at the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ner village. Five family members were hospitalised in the Bhuj General hospital following the attacks, allegedly at the behest of primary accused Bhanji Hamir Suthar, who had “warned” the family not to visit the temple.

The first FIR was filed on the basis of the attack at 10:15 am on October 26, where Govind Jagabhai Vaghela and his uncle Ganesha Anil Vaghela were attacked by 17 people in their farm. The victims had gone to the farm to investigate rumours of cattle rampaging and damage to their crop.

The second FIR was filed based on another attack an hour later, this time at the family’s home at 11:30 am. About 13 persons brutally attacked Jaga Hairbhai Vaghela, his wife Badhiben, his eldest son Bhura and nephew Hasmukh.

DySP KG Zala of Bhachau told Mirror that eight teams had been formed to arrest all the accused on October 27. Of these, five had been arrested on October 29. While Kana Raghu Koli and Naya Vela Ahir were involved in both attacks, Paba Soma Rabari, Hema Abha Rabari and Kana Sadur Koli are accused in one attack.

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