Dalit students united for not giving admission on zero fees

Dalit students united for not giving admission on zero fees

Hindustan Team, Meerut | Published By: Newswrap

Last updated: Wed, 16 Dec 2020 03:17 AM

Meerut Senior reporter

Despite admission at zero fees in the past years, opposition to the government’s imposition of new rules on Dalit students has intensified in this session. Dalit students have accused the college administration of dropping them out. Demonstrations have been announced by the Dalit students on campus today. The students have also accused Sir Chhoturam Engineering College of building a temporary jail and not giving hostels.

According to the students, SC-ST students entered the last session at zero fees. From this session, the government has made arrangements to reimburse SC-ST students only if they have 55% marks in the inter course in the professional course. According to the students, this rule applies to newly admitted students and not to the previous sessions. According to the students, instructions are being given to deposit 40 thousand rupees to the Dalit students. If not, reimbursement forms are being withheld. According to Anand Prakash Siddharth, hostels are not being given to BTech students while these rules are not applicable to law students. According to Anand, the students are forced to take expensive rooms in the city. According to Shaan Mohammed, all the Dalit students have decided to protest against the university on Wednesday. Students have warned to sit on hunger strike if the decision is not taken.

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