Dalits accuse oppressors of assault

Dalits accuse oppressors of assault

Muzaffar Nagar Published By: Newswrap

Wed, 07 Jul 2021 04:30 AM
Dalits accuse oppressors of assault
In the ongoing dispute over the rams of the farm, the people of Dalit society have accused the rioters of assault and by giving a complaint to the jurisdictional Bhopa, have requested for action against the accused, the video of the incident has also gone viral on social media.

Ram Sitari, a resident of village Nirgajani of Bhopa police station area, told that on Monday, her son Sanjay and daughter-in-law Anita went to the farm, where seven accused of the village abused her son and daughter-in-law while keeping an enmity with the ram. Used very abusive language including caste-indicative words and attacked the son with a shovel etc., injured him and tampered with the daughter-in-law’s clothes and tore them, somehow both of them escaped from there and saved their lives. was assaulted by

The accused are repeatedly threatening to kill my son and to carry out the ludicrous incident of murder that took place in the village in the past, the victim has filed a complaint with the jurisdictional officer Bhopa Girijashankar Tripathi and pleaded for justice and security.

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