Dalits beat up at touching government ‘handpumps’; Dalit family forced to leave home due to fear

Dalits beat up at touching government ‘handpumps’; Dalit family forced to leave home due to fear

Mon, 04th Jan 2021

Latest stories - Children on the EdgeIn 21st century India, cases related to high and low castes continue to come up. After being ‘touched’ by the government hand pump, the Dabangas beat up a Dalit youth badly. Scared of this behavior of bullying Dalits have to leave their homes with their entire families and live in a hut in the field. The case is of Banda district of Uttar Pradesh.

Ramchandra Raidas, the head of a Dalit family of Majra Shankarpurwa of Tendura village in the district Bisanda police station area, said on Monday that he had left his family and was living in a hut in the field due to fear of domination. Ramachandra said that he and his elderly father Chuncai (80) were beaten and beaten with sticks by the domineering people on 25 December while accusing them of ‘touching’ the government hand pump while filling drinking water. He complained to the police about this. 

“The miscreants have threatened to set the house on fire and burn it alive, fearing that we have left the house,” the victim said. Investigation has been started. The accused are roaming freely and are threatening to kill themselves. ” 

Ramachandra alleged that the local police registered a case under minor sections by concealing the actual incident and did not mention the injured father in the FIR. Inspector-in-charge (SHO) of Bisanda police station, Narendra Pratap Singh told a news agency, “This is a simple case of assault, which is being investigated by the Police Officer of Baberu. Arrest or further action will also be done by him. 

He said that on the basis of the complaint given by the victim at the police station, a case has been registered against the three accused in the relevant sections. The police is not aware of the victim’s family leaving the house and staying in the farm. 

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