Dalit’s clan was beaten up for cutting acacia branch

Dalit’s clan was beaten up for cutting acacia branch

Hindustan Team, Gangapar Newswrap
Sat, 13 Nov 2021 11:21 PM
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Neighbors went to the Dalit’s house and abused and assaulted them after cutting the branch of acacia tree located in front of the house in Markhamau Nai Bazar. In between, four including a pregnant girl were beaten up and injured. The police reached the information and took the injured to the hospital where the condition of the pregnant woman remains critical.

Soni Devi wife Ram Lal, resident of Markhamau Nai Bazar of Mauaima area, alleges that the branch of acacia tree near the house was touching the electric wire. His son Rajesh Kumar cut the branch for safety. On this, Dilshad and Salman’s sons Majeed, Sajid’s son Farhad and Anees’s son Farooq climbed home and started killing the son using caste words. When Soni Devi, daughter-in-law Sarita Devi and her pregnant girl Pramila reached to intervene, they were also beaten up and injured. Police reached the information and admitted the injured to CHC Mauaima. When the condition of two became critical, they were referred to Sadar Hospital. A case has been registered against the accused on the complaint of Soni Devi.

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