Demand: Dalit family appeals for security

Demand: Dalit family appeals for security

Alwar 1st November, 2020

Basu resident of Ballu Singh of Nawalpura village of Rajgarh, along with a dalin family will bring some domineering people to the village. The victim Dhanpal son Devishay sat down with the Bairwa family Sunday evening outside the SP residence and pleaded for security. Dhanpal says that some people of the village have been harassing him and his family for a long time due to mutual rivalry.

He threatens to raid the village with his family. Sunday morning Arapei came to her house and beat her and her family. At the same time, the delegation led by BSP District President Ashek Verma met SP and demanded to provide protection to the family. The SP sent the victim’s family to their village in police custody and directed the Rajgarh police officer to take action against the accused.

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