Don’t ask the caste sir:26% DM Thakur in UP, 11% Brahmin; Only 5% are Dalits, while only one DM Yadav

Don’t ask the caste sir:26% DM Thakur in UP, 11% Brahmin; Only 5% are Dalits, while only one DM Yadav

Lucknow 31 December 2021
In 75 districts of UP, 40% i.e. 30 in general category District Magistrate (DM) are posted. Of these, 26% (20) Thakurs and about 11% (8) belong to Brahmin caste. Now if we look at the deployment of SSP/SP in the districts of the state, the command of 18 districts is in the hands of those belonging to Thakur caste, while Brahmin caste SSPs are posted in the same number of districts.

The government may negate the fact of giving the chair based on caste, but the current posting of officers indicates something similar. Now talking about Scheduled Castes, only 4 DMs come from Scheduled Castes. Whereas SSP/SP of 5 districts are SC-ST.

The position of the officers of the OBC caste can be said to be a little better, because 14 DMs of the state belong to the OBC caste. At the same time, 12 SSP / SP are also OBC. The Yogi government has not reposed faith in the Yadav officers. DM and SSP/SP Yadav have been kept in only 1-1 district. These include the police commissioners of 4 districts Gautam Budh Nagar (Noida), Lucknow, Kanpur and Varanasi.

Let us tell you about the caste of DM and SSP/SP posted in UP 

(Information related to the postings of all DMs and SSP/SP is up to 30 December)

Muslim officers have no responsibility in Yogi Raj

Law and order was given full emphasis in Yogi Raj. They have posted DMs and SSPs of their choice in districts with poor law and order. By giving a free hand, the officers were given freedom to fight against the crime. Behind all this, the command of a single district has not been handed over to the Muslim officers in the Yogi government.

One Sikh, one Christian is also included
in handing over the command of 75 districts of UP, the special thing is that 1 Sikh and 1 Christian are included. Balrampur DM Samuel Paul N. And the DM of Shamli is Jasjit Kaur. Not only this, the same IPS in OBC category is from Maurya caste. His full name is Arvind Kumar Maurya.

SP Yadav, BSP expressed confidence in the officers of the Scheduled Castes,
it is not such that only the Yogi government has been under siege regarding the deployment of the officers of a particular caste. In the SP regime, most of the Yadav officers were given the command. Whereas in the BSP government, the SC officials were relied upon.

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