Fire in Dalit colony, Swaha by burning nine houses (page five)

Fire in Dalit colony, Swaha by burning nine houses (page five)

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A buffalo, including catering items, also came under fire

The problem of the homeless Dalits increased in the scorching heat

Mohanis A reporter

A sudden fire broke out in Bamourkhas village of the police station area on Tuesday. In this accident, the houses of nine people were burnt to death. While a buffalo, including catering items, also caught fire, she died. The cause of the fire has not been ascertained. It is said that in the houses of the said village Jokhu Ram, Vipatu Ram, Ram Ishwar Ram, Babulal Ram, Chhotu Ram, Chhatu Ram, Dharmaraj Ram, Surendra Ram and Bithu Ram, all the items kept in the house were burnt to ashes.

These Dalit families have suffered a great deal of trouble. Victims say that skin-scorching heat is going on right now. It is being said that further temperature will increase. In such a situation, where should we live with small children and women? The animal feed kept in the house is also burnt. The carts meant for earning a living have gone up in flames. Now, along with living, there has also been a problem with food.

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Caption: Villagers extinguishing the fire in Dalit colony on Tuesday in Bamourkhas village of police station area.

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