First hit by car, then dalit’s hand was cut off

First hit by car, then dalit’s hand was cut off

By Hemant Sharma|

Bhind, 23 May. A sensational case has come to light in Lahar area of ​​Bhind. Here the bullies cut off the hand of a Dalit with an ax and took the severed hand with them. The injured Dalit got his treatment done in Gwalior and after recovering, complained about it by applying to the Lahar police station.


This shocking incident happened with Sanju Dohre, a resident of Rawatpura Sani. Sanju Dohra reached Lahar police station on May 19 and made a written complaint to the police that on May 15, when Sanju was returning to his village after attending a program of his maternal uncle’s son, a white colored car hit him in front of him. And when he fell down, he cut off his hand.

Dabang went away after cutting off his hand Sanju has told in the complaint application given to the police that when his motorcycle wobbled and he fell on the ground due to the collision of the car, Mahesh sitting on his motorcycle also fell on the ground. Then Kayam Singh, Tar Singh, Golu Singh and Balveer Singh got down from the car. All of them are residents of Rawatpura Sani village. He told Sanju that you do a lot of leadership.

They beat up Sanju abusing and after that Kayam Singh attacked Sanju with an ax with the intention of killing Sanjeev, Sanju put forward his hand to save himself, due to which Sanju’s hand fell off. Dabang Sanju, who took the severed hand with him, has also mentioned in the application that when his hand fell on the ground after being cut off, the attackers threw the severed hand into the car and threatened that he would walk with his hand today. And if he messes up in the future, then he will cut his neck. Mahesh, who was present with Sanju, called an ambulance.

Sanju told that Mahesh, who was with him, called the ambulance on the spot and reached Lahar Hospital with the seriously injured Sanju. Here the doctor referred Sanju to Gwalior in view of his serious condition. Sanju’s hand surgery was done at the trauma center of Jayarogya Hospital in Gwalior. Sanju, who reached Sanju after being discharged from the hospital, has mentioned in his application that he was discharged from the hospital on May 17. After this, on 18 May, he returned to his village Rawatpura Sani.

On May 19, he reached the police station with his complaint and narrated the incident to the police. Police said that the investigation of the case is going on When the police was talked to on the complaint application given by Sanju, the police said that the investigation of the application given by Sanju is going on as the location of the people whose names have been mentioned by Sanju is being seen.

Therefore, not much can be said about this at the moment, only after the investigation is done, the truth will come out.


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