Four minor children of tribal family of Madhya Pradesh cut off with ax

Four minor children of tribal family of Madhya Pradesh cut off with ax

October 17, 2020

Four minor children of tribal family of Madhya Pradesh cut off with ax 

Four minor children of tribal family of Madhya Pradesh cut off with ax 

  • A shocking incident occurred in Jalgaon, Maharashtra 
  • Four minor children from the same family were axed by an unknown person
  • The family came to Jalgaon in Maharashtra in search of a job from Madhya Pradesh 

      The Lokniti Desk Bhopal 
is the highest unemployment seen in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, known as BIMARU Raj of India. Where most of the workers leave their village towns and go in search of employment far and wide. If you “governments” do not believe this, then during the Corona period, the largest migrant community has returned to your state. Minister MLA, who once showed his help and praised on social media, once knew his pain without being captured in camera. They never want to leave their village but go for the sake of stomach hunger and may never return like this. Now it has to be seen how much justice the Shivraj government of Madhya Pradesh would ask for this family or put it in cold storage. 

Jalgaon A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Where on Thursday night four minor children of the same family were axed by an unknown person. It is said that the parents of the children were not present at home and the family came from Madhya Pradesh to work in Jalgaon. In Borkheda village of Jalgaon, this family used to cultivate a person named Mustafa.

Tension in the area due to the incident

This heart-wrenching massacre in Borkheda village of Raver tehsil of Jalgaon has stirred the entire area. There is an atmosphere of anger and grief in the entire village due to the bodies of these four children found in the field in Borkheda village in the morning.

Family came from MP

In search of a job from Madhya Pradesh, this family came to Jalgaon, Maharashtra. Mehtab and his wife Rumli Bai Bhilala live and live in a village named Mustafa from Borkheda village. Mehtab and his wife are from Garhi area of ​​Madhya Pradesh.

Family suffering from tribal community

The couple, along with their four children, were doing farming work in Jalgaon from last year itself. Currently, due to some work, husband and wife left the children at home in Jalgaon and went to their village in Madhya Pradesh. During this time the children were alone at home. Among those who died were 12-year-old girl Saita, 11-year-old Rawal, 8-year-old Anil and 3-year-old Suman. The body of these four children has been found in the owner Mustafa’s farm.


Initial investigation by the police has revealed that the four children were murdered with an ax. Police suspect that the same ax was used in the four murders. At present, the entire area has been sealed by the police and intensive search operation is being carried out. This massacre has been carried out just one kilometer from the city.

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