Gang rapes and kidnappings causing chaos in Warangal city Pipa News

Gang rapes and kidnappings causing chaos in Warangal city Pipa News


Warangal, Light: Gang robberies and kidnappings are creating a stir in Greater Warangal. Incidents of rape are also worrying. Hooligans are targeting a minor girl and committing atrocities. Six incidents within 20 days became a topic of discussion. It is more disturbing that there are three or four Dalit girls. However, there are many incidents that have not come out.

On December 1 last year, MLA Nannapuneni Narender Pvt PA Siva along with two others raped a Dalit girl. Due to massive protests, he and others were also arrested.

A dalit minor girl in Dayanand Colony, Warangal was raped by two brothers, Azmat Ali and Abu Gang, sons of a businessman from the same area. This issue came out on 5th of this month.

A case of rape was registered against a minor girl in Kazipet PS on 6th of this month. Vankudot Chandra from Annara of Parvatgiri mandal blackmailed and assaulted a girl by taking nude photos and videos.

A case was registered on the 11th of this month after a person named Farid raped a minor girl residing in Kashibugga Sundarayyanagar under Enumamula police station.

On 20th of this month, a case of kidnapping was registered in the same station. A FOX case was registered against the accused on the complaint that Seelapaka Bunny of Balaji Nagar had kidnapped and married a minor of the same area.

A minor girl was kidnapped not far from Mills Colony Police Station. A class four student from Nagendranagar went to a shop to buy stuff at home. In this sequence, three persons drugged the girl and kidnapped her. While traveling in the auto, the girl jumped down from the auto and screamed when she came near Ganapathy Engineering College.
A case of gang rape was registered against another minor from Kashibugga area under Mills Colony PS also on 26th, which is Republic Day. On the 24th of this month, three young men took the girl out and raped her consecutively.

Many such incidents are happening in the city. But many victims are unable to bear the shame and do not come forward. The police station is not trampling on the future of the children. Due to this, they are suffering from mental anguish. The people want the police officials to respond and make the culprits get severe punishment and instill fear in the criminals. They are begging to stop the hooligans and provide safety and security to the girls.

Police officers who do not focus..
Even though cases of rape, gang rape and kidnapping are coming to light, there is criticism that the police are not alert. The victims have alleged that even though a case has been registered, the investigation is not being completed quickly. There is no record of special teams being formed either. There is a rumor that the police are not vigilant even though most of the incidents are minors. People are alleging that such incidents are happening due to lack of full patrolling and strict action against the accused. Some parts of Warangal city are becoming obstacles for hooligans and anti-social forces, but there are criticisms that the police are not taking action.

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