Gorakhpur: The Imam of the mosque was beaten by the inspector, suspended after the ruckus

Gorakhpur: The Imam of the mosque was beaten by the inspector, suspended after the ruckus


Tue, 11 May 2021 08:33 PM
Gorakhpur: The Imam of the mosque was beaten by the inspector, suspended after the ruckus

In Turkmanpur in Rajghat area of ​​Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, there was a ruckus on Tuesday after the Imam was beaten up outside the mosque. The crowd surrounded the normal garrison incharge and soldiers. On receipt of information, a large number of police forces including CO Kotwali reached the spot. After a lot of effort, the case was brought under control. The force has been deployed in the precautionary area, along with explaining and calming the people who are disputing the dispute.

The Imam alleges that the inspector abused, beaten and pointed out a service revolver. The angry people demanded registration of the case against the accused Daroga and suspended him immediately. While policemen including Daroga say they asked people to stay in the homes to follow the lockdown , the mob attacked the Imam and his companions at the instigation of the Imam. On the other hand, the SSP has suspended the post of Incharge Arun Singh and handed over the investigation to CO Kotwali.

Imam Mohammad Hashim was sitting with two children and reciting the Quran after offering prayers at the new mosque in Turkmanpur in Rajghat area on Tuesday afternoon. It is being told that at around 3.30 pm, he was leaving the mosque after offering Namaz that in the meantime, the normal outpost Icharge Arun Singh arrived with his constable and started vigorously on the people standing nearby, saying that there was a lockdown. During this time, Imam Mohammad Hashim and the Maulvi who gave freedom in the mosque were descending from the steps of the mosque that the garrison incharge reached there.

Imam Mohammad Hashim alleges that the Daroga started abusing him and the cleric. He said what are you guys doing here in lockdown? According to the Imam, when I opposed the abuse and use of abusive words, the policemen were enraged and started beating me. On the other hand, Maulvi hid in the mosque to save himself. Seeing this handiwork of the inspector, people gathered around there.

People caught the police

Surrounded by the mob, the policeman and the constable tried to flee from there, but a large number of people caught them and reported it to the top police officials. It is alleged that the mob also beat up the policemen. On receiving the information, a large number of forces including CO Kotwali reached the spot and somehow pacified the case by giving assurance to the angry people against the accused Daroga. However, Tahrir has not been given to the police on behalf of Imam Mohammad Hashim in this matter.

Stress due to video going viral on social media

After the beating of the Imam of the mosque, various discussions intensified in the city. People started sharing photos and videos of this uproar in the city on social media fast. This increased tension. However, the police has increased the force in the area as a precaution. People are being instructed to follow the lockdown.

After the assurance from the police officers, the matter has become quiet. Gorakhpur police plot to defame CM Yogi Adityanath by beating the Imam of a mosque in the Chief Minister’s city in this way. At present, the police has not been given Tahrir. For this, further decisions will be taken after meeting with the officials of the Mosque Committee.

Mohammad Hashim, Imam

The investigation was handed over to CO Kotwali. The investigation has found prima facie the mistake of the inspector. They have been suspended. Why did this situation arise, was there any case before it. At all these points the CO Kotwali is investigating. The report will be processed. The charge of assault on the inspector and policemen is also being investigated, if the truth is found in it, then action will be taken.

Dinesh Kumar P, SSP

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