Haryana: Jat community surrounded the house of a Dalit family with a wall in a land dispute, saying caste words

Haryana: Jat community surrounded the house of a Dalit family with a wall in a land dispute, saying caste words

December 18, 2021

Haryana Jaat community walled up Dalit family due to land dispute

Haryana: Dalit family attacked by some members of Jat community in Kekana village of Sonepat. It is alleged that the people of the Jat community beat up Batmiji along with the women of the victim’s family. The victim’s family says that they have assaulted the women due to a land dispute.

The victim’s family alleges that the people of the Jat community have erected a wall of about nine inches in front of their house, due to which the family members and animals have been locked in the house itself.

The victim’s family told The Mooknayak that, we had taken a stay on the wall and the case was going on in the court. The people of the Jat community said that the stay (judicial ban on construction on the land) has been broken. On the evening of December 10, 2021, at eight o’clock, they brought JCB. During this we were not at home. There were women, elderly and children at home. The women of the house explained a lot that there is no man in the house right now, whatever the matter is, they should do it in the morning. But during this time the people of Jat community did not stop and started vandalizing in front of the house. Seeing all this, the women of the house protested, but they did not listen to any kind of talk, as well as casteist words to the women and said that you are dhed (a kind of abuse).

During this, Vinod told that a bathroom was built on the plot given to him by the government as well as an open courtyard. But the people of Jat community broke all that and erected the wall. Elderly, women, children and animals are all locked inside the house due to the wall being built. Somehow a person can come out but those who are the animals of the house cannot leave. Vinod told how the accused beat up the women to keep their point and also brought the sticks with them. Vinod told that during this time someone from the accused side threatened to kill him as well as intimidated him with a gun.

The victim told that this case is going on since the year 2020, during which there have been many disputes in which the victim side has been beaten up badly. The victims also gave their complaint to the police station, but there was no hearing of any kind, the victim side accused the police of this matter. They say that the policemen have also met the accused, they come and go away only after intimidating the victims.

Let us tell you that the land on which the dispute took place is being told as government land. Also plots have been given by the government. At present, a complaint has been registered in this matter.

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