Hindu Sena” super imposes “Jihadi Centre” posters on the sign boards of India Islamic Cultural Center (IICC)

Hindu Sena” super imposes “Jihadi Centre” posters on the sign boards of India Islamic Cultural Center (IICC)

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi:  Taking strong cognizance of the ultra right wing outfit Hindu Sena’s act of super imposing highly mischievous posters at the road sign board, the India Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday registered criminal complaint against the outfit at the Tughlaq Road Police Station. The Islamic center management condemned this provocative action of the outfit which dubbed its “Jihadi Terrorist” Islamic Center.

It is said two posters in Hindi and English were put on   the NDMC erected sign boards near the India Islamic Cultural Centre calling it as “Jihadi Terrorist” Islamic Centre by some Hindu Sena last night. The CCTV cameras are being assessed.

In a statement, the President and other Members of IICC trust said that “the India Islamic Cultural Centre was founded for the spreading peace and peaceful coexistence among the Indian societies. It has more than 20 per cent members from Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in its fold. This centre conducts many educational and training programs in which all sections of Indian citizens take part and get benefits. The centre also celebrates all the major national festivals in its premises. It is a non- political organization working for social and intellectual upliftment of all the Indians irrespective of their cast, creed, race and religion”.

The IICC board has appealed to the Ministry of Home affairs, Delhi LG and Delhi Commissioner of Police to urgently look into and take appropriate actions against the culprits.

It is to be noted of late the Center has seen a flurry of pro-RSS activities because of its president closeness to the ruling party.

One member of the Center told Muslim Mirror that “it shows the level of radicalization in the society since the advent of communal forces to the power as even they did not spare the Islamic Center which has been taking pro-government stances”.

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