Hyderabad: Sanitation workers stage protest after GHMC cuts wages

Hyderabad: Sanitation workers stage protest after GHMC cuts wages

 News Desk|   Posted by Marziya Sharif  |   Published: 26th May 2022 10:04 pm IST

GHMC sanitation workers protest over cut in salaries

Hyderabad: Sanitation workers of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) staged a protest to seek full compensation after the GHMC’s Charminar office cut their wages, on Wednesday.

The sanitation employees boycotted their tasks in several areas including Saidabad and Madannapet in protest against the pay cut by skipping their responsibilities.

According to Hans India, the workers claimed that their salaries have been cut by the officials.

In protest of the salary drop, GHMC sanitation employees in locations like Saidabad and Madannapet went on strike.

Sanitation workers stated that officials had reduced their pay because the biometric attendance system failed to record their attendance. They claimed that the biometric system at the GHMC and circle office had been down for several days and had failed to record their attendance despite several attempts.

According to the representative of the GHMC sanitation workers, when the employees inquired about the rationale for a pay drop, authorities responded that their pay had been reduced owing to missing biometric attendance.

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