If he did not vote, then the head husband burnt down the house of the Dalit

If he did not vote, then the head husband burnt down the house of the Dalit

In Bhuta’s Vishesarpur village, the newly elected head’s husband and his accomplices, enraged by not voting in the election of the pradhan, set fire to the Dalit’s house, burning all his belongings to ashes. Earlier, beat up the family. The woman’s clothes were torn while doing obscene acts. Police have registered a case of assault, rioting, Dalit harassment and arson against the newly elected head and his five other associates. The police have taken the principal husband into custody. 

The wives of Harish Patel and Shivanandan had contested for the post of head in Vishesarpur village of Bhuta. A Dalit family in the village had supported Shivanandan but Shivanandan’s wife was defeated. While Harish Patel’s wife won. The victim’s family said that Harish Patel began to believe that he had supported his opposition. After the election, he came home several times and abused him. It is alleged that on Saturday, Harish Patel along with his five other accomplices entered the house abusing them. He started beating the whole family. The family members started running for their lives. Meanwhile, the bullies did obscene acts with the woman of the family and tore her clothes when she protested. Not only this, the accused set his house on fire. There was an outcry when the house caught fire. The whole village ran to put out the fire. By the time people put out the fire by pouring water from buckets, all the belongings of the Dalit were burnt to ashes.

On the information of the incident, CO CO RK Mishra, Inspector Ashwani Kumar arrived with the police team. He recorded the statements of the people. On the complaint of Dalit, a case was registered against six people including Harish Patel, husband of newly elected Pradhan, his partner Durvesh alias Dev Patel, Abhishek Kumar, Subhash, Kunal.

 On the complaint of Dalit, a case has been registered against the husband of the newly elected head and his associates. The matter is being investigated. Strict action will be taken against the accused.

Courtesy: Hindustan Hindi News

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