If the domineering did not allow the tractor to come, then the Dalits planted paddy with a spade

If the domineering did not allow the tractor to come, then the Dalits planted paddy with a spade

Deoria In Ghataila Ghazi village of Deoria Kotwali police station area, there is still tension after two incidents of fighting in the village a month ago. Tractors are not being allowed for farming in the settlement of Dalits. Seeing that the paddy cultivation is lagging behind, all the people of the Dalit colony have jointly planted the paddy in the field of all the Dalits with a spade. In the last five-six days, Dalits have planted paddy in about eight bigha fields.

Ghataila Ghazi village is just five kilometers from Deoria district headquarters. In this village, there was a fight between Thakurs and Dalits on April 28 in which an FIR was registered from both sides. At the root of the incident, the farm of Udaybhan Singh of the village is to be taken over by Dalit Shyamdhari.

Shyam Sundar’s son Shyam Sundar told that Udaybhan Singh of the village kept ten katthas of land in the year 2016 for 30 thousand rupees when he needed money. His father gave these money. This angered the people of Thakur Viradari. His father was forbidden from farming in the field for mortgages. On this, his father said that if his money is returned, he will not go to the farm for mortgage. The other side was told that they would be given money. The father agreed. On the 28th of April, more than a dozen people, who came to pay money, beat their father by abusing him. Other people were also beaten up for resistance. Stoned There was an attempt to answer from the Dalits also.


In this incident, people from both sides were injured. In this incident, an FIR was lodged against 16 persons on Tahrir of Shyamdhari. An FIR was lodged against Shyamsunder Singh 11 people on the other side’s Tahrir.

Two days after this incident, Shyamsunder’s mother was going for treatment, she was stopped and killed on the way. The boy with them was also beaten. In this incident also an FIR was registered against six people.

After both these incidents, there is still tension in the village. The Dalits say that the way for their movement goes only through the Thakurs’ home. They are being told not to go through these paths. Constantly being threatened. Tractors were not allowed in their fields for planting paddy crops. When he sought to plow the tractors from outside the village, but no one was ready to come due to fear of domineering.

Shyamsunder told that all the Dalits, being forced, decided that they would plant the paddy crop from the spade. All the Dalits came together and planted in each other’s field with a spade and planted the paddy. The series started from May 28, which continues till now. Shyam Sundar told that till July 2, the work of paddy transplanting has been done in the eight bigha field.

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