MP: Administration partially demolished 13 houses in the name of road widening after communal clashes

MP: Administration partially demolished 13 houses in the name of road widening after communal clashes


Incident of Chandan Khedi village, a Muslim majority in Indore district in Madhya Pradesh. On 29th December, communal clashes took place during the rally under the banner of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Nirman Samiti to raise funds for Ram temple in Ayodhya. The administration says that these houses were built by illegally encroaching on government land.


Indore: The Indore district administration partially demolished 13 houses of minority-dominated Chandan Khedi village on December 30, following communal clashes during rallies by right-wing organizations in some districts of Madhya Pradesh.

According to the report of the Indian Express , the administration said that these houses were built by illegally encroaching on government land.

Please tell that these houses were demolished on December 30, a day after the clash that took place on 29 December in Ayodhya during a rally to raise funds for the Ram temple.

This rally went through the streets where these houses were built in the village of Chandan Khedi. Along with this there were also reports of stone pelting by local people, in which many people from both sides were injured.

Sub Divisional Magistrate of Depalpur Tehsil Pratul Sinha says that the initial plan was not to widen the road but to construct it. Chandan Khedi belongs to this tehsil.

He said, ‘After the clash it was felt that the road was not so wide that the fire department’s car could pass from there. The villagers were then told to demolish the houses, as these houses were illegally built by encroaching on the land of the Madhya Pradesh government.

According to Sinha, “The villagers were told that either the administration would demolish these houses, which could cause extensive damage or else the people themselves demolished a certain part of their house.”

He said that the work of demolishing the houses was done only without verbal consent without demolition notice.

Sinha said, ‘We gave enough time to the local people to remove their belongings and no one was harmed in it. The 30 feet road passing through the village is now almost ready. To widen the road, about four feet of the space of 10 houses was destroyed and seven to eight feet of three other houses were demolished.

According to the report, the villagers have criticized this move of the administration. Immediately after the December 29 clash, 27 people were arrested for stone pelting on the rally.

The house of Mohammad Rafiq, a member of the panchayat, was also included in the list, whose house was demolished. Rafiq’s wife Parveen B, who was arrested in connection with the clash, said that officials of the district administration had come and asked to vacate the house the next day.

He said, ‘I told them how a woman whose husband has been arrested after demolishing the front wall can be safe. Why did they suddenly decide to demolish our houses without notice? ‘

Chandan Khedi village, 40 km from Indore, houses 400 Muslim families and about fifteen Hindu families.

Similar skirmishes occurred in Begum Bagh and Mandsaur in Ujjain during rallies organized by right-wing organizations in the last week of December.

DIG of Indore Harinarayan Chari Mishra told that the rally was organized by a person named Bharat Patel. The first clash was about the villagers making a video of the rally during its passing.

He said, “During the debate some villagers threw stones, in which three people were injured, after which clashes started.”

Bharat Singh organized the rally under the banner of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Nirman Samiti. They allege that the villagers attacked the convoy without any provocation.

He said, “The rally near the village slowed down, as the 12 feet PCC road passing through the village was narrow on some parts, due to which around 70 motorcycles involved in the rally got stuck at one place. This is not the first time that our convoy was attacked. In the past there are also three such instances, when anyone went to Hanuman temple, he was attacked.

The villagers say that the trouble started when a part of the people involved in the rally stopped near the village mosque and started reading Hanuman Chalisa.

Rural Shakir Patel alleged that some people involved in the rally also uttered abuses, when the villagers opposed it, the clash started. Then these people who were part of the rally broke away from him and escaped due to stone pelting, but after two hours they returned with more people.

Villagers say that the crowd returned to the village had poles, swords and guns in their hands. As the clash intensified, three people started climbing over the mosque in an attempt to break the tower. Meanwhile, the police kept trying to control the situation.

Police officials did not interfere in the matter effectively, on this charge of the villagers, Indore IGP Yogesh Deshmukh said, “We are trying to identify the people responsible for this incident and a case will be registered against them soon.” I will urge all those who have evidence and action will be taken against all those responsible for this incident (including policemen).

According to the report, two policemen – DSP Pankaj Dixit and SHO of Gautampura police station RS Bhaskar – have been suspended for failing to control the situation.

Courtesy : The Wire

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