MP in-charge told Gurjaro in attack on Dalits violently, Bhima Army leader deleted tweet when OBC found out

MP in-charge told Gurjaro in attack on Dalits violently, Bhima Army leader deleted tweet when OBC found out

Dewas: Several people were injured in a violent clash of two factions in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. In fact, many people were injured and 5 people were seriously injured in this violent clash in a small village of Ritia in Dewas.

According to the information, the land dispute between the Dalit community and the Gujjar caste people of the OBC society turned into ‘Tu Tu – Main I’ a violent clash.

In the violence, lathis from both families went to the poles and the ax, due to which 5 people of the Dalit community were injured, including a woman and child.

The injured have been immediately admitted to the district hospital where the condition of the injured is now being reported as correct.

But the Bhima Army, which traced the caste in the case, also found the word Dalit in this land dispute. Taking charge of the matter, Sunil Astey, in charge of Madhya Pradesh, immediately activated his team and made the Gurjar community stand in the dock by tweeting 5.

At the same time, while leaving the Gurjaro 15 and adding 85, the Bhima Army’s slogan was shown cheating, the remaining Kushi cancer was completed by his supporters in the comment section.

Describing the matter as very serious, Sunil Astey wrote, “30 people belonging to the Gari (Gurjars) caste have attacked 12 swords, women with axes like cowards, murderous children, 5 people Gambhirghail, Gra. Retia Police Stationrava, District Dewas MP. Bhimarmi Dewas team is going to village, a team is reaching hospital. ”

Further, Sunil ji promptly fired another tweet, showing anger, in another tweet, the state in-charge said, “FIR registered in the case, serious injury to 5 people including a woman, child.

Dewas Police Administration, take drastic action in the matter soon, otherwise we are ready. Proper health arrangement to the family, solving the land matter and sending the accused to jail. If something happens, all the companions should be fully prepared. “

After which Sunil Astey tagged the Bhim Army Chief in the hope that he would raise the voice of the Dalits by raising the issue, but the politically inclined Chandrashekhar immediately cut off the case after seeing the news related to the OBC society.

Let us tell you that the Azad Samaj Party of Chandrashekhar is going to contest the 37 seats by-elections in the state, in such a situation, the Bhim Army chief cannot take the risk of offending the OBCs.

At the same time, the other Dalit leader of Bhima Army, Suraj Buddhist, tweeted it first and took notice of it, but seeing the OBC in the matter, he also deleted the tweet later.

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