Pakistan interfaith group marks signing of peace document

Pakistan interfaith group marks signing of peace document

Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony chief hails the historic Abraham Accords

Updated: February 05, 2021 08:53 AM GMT
Pakistan interfaith group marks signing of peace document
Allama Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui says dialogue is essential for interfaith harmony. (Photo: YouTube)

A Pakistani interfaith group commemorated the anniversary of the signing of the historic document “Human fraternity for world peace and living together” by Pope Francis and the grand imam of al-Azhar, Sheikh Ahmad al-Tayyib.

The document calls for the adoption of a culture of dialogue, cooperation and reciprocal understanding as the basis for achieving common good.

The 2019 document and the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, whose membership includes Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders, call for a rejection of violence and blind extremism.

“We need to take a moment to think about the challenges ahead and how we may help one another rediscover justice and goodness,” said Allama Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui, chairman of Pakistan’s Interfaith Commission for Peace and Harmony.

The UN International Day of Human Fraternity was celebrated on Feb. 4.

“This past year also saw the signing of the historic Abraham Accords, through which Israel and several Arab and Muslim nations normalized their relations,” said Siddiqui.

“The Accords show that, as the human fraternity document states, ‘dialogue, understanding and the widespread promotion of tolerance and acceptance of others’ contribute significantly to reducing many of the problems that weigh so heavily on a large part of humanity.

“The contribution of dialogue among diverse groups can pave the way for an understanding of the common values shared by mankind.”

The commission sent its congratulations to the winners of the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity 2021 — Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the United Nations, and Moroccan-French activist Latifa Ibn Ziaten, founder of the Imad Association for Youth and Peace.

Courtesy: UCA Newsletter

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