Pithoragarh News: Dalit father and brother assaulted if they stop defaming their daughter, the inspector is also accused of favoritism

Pithoragarh News: Dalit father and brother assaulted if they stop defaming their daughter, the inspector is also accused of favoritism

Janjwar Desk 23 Oct 2021 9:15 PM

Victim Amar Ram says, his daughter is unmarried, her marriage can be hampered by such defamation of daughter, accused Manoj Pant spread false rumor in entire village that Amar Ram’s daughter is 4 months pregnant and lives in Mumbai I have gone to have an abortion…

Pithoragarh News: A case of defaming the character of a Dalit community girl and assaulting her father and brother has come to light in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. The victim’s family alleges that when they complained about it to the police station, the inspector did not register the case as per the complaint of the victim and, defending the accused, filed the FIR on his own accord. This whole case is of Agron village of Gangolighat in Pithoragarh district. Amar Ram Tamta, a Dalit, alleges that Manoj Pant of the upper caste of the village spread rumors about his daughter’s character in the village. The victim’s father alleges that the accused Manoj Pant, in order to defame the daughter, spread the rumor that his daughter is 4 months pregnant. When Amar Ram objected to this, Manoj Pant abused and beat him up.

Victim Amar Ram told that, “His daughter is unmarried. Such defamation of daughter can hamper her marriage. Accused Manoj Pant spread false rumor in the entire village that Amar Ram’s daughter is 4 months pregnant.” And went to Mumbai to have an abortion.” Taking a complaint, he went to Manoj Pant on October 10 and requested him not to spread false things about his daughter. In the meantime, Manoj started abusing her and gave casteist abuses. Then he attacked Amar Ram with a stick, causing serious head injuries. Victim Amar Ram’s son told that, “When Manoj Pant got information about the attack on the father, he immediately went to his house. The father’s head was broken.” Amar Ram’s son, who went to the rescue, was also beaten up.

Taking the complaint of the matter, the father-son reached the Gangolighat police station and gave a written complaint. Amar Ram alleges that he had a head injury. After reaching the police station, he was taken to the hospital where he got 5-6 stitches in his head, but after getting treatment, no medical report was received. Apart from this, it is alleged by the victim Amar Ram Tamta and his son that the inspector of Gangolighat police station, Mohan Joshi, refused to accept the complaint written by them saying that there is a caste word written in the paper and cannot take it. Then the inspector wrote an FIR against the culprits by applying the sections according to him. When the hearing was not held in Gangolighat police station, Amar Ram and son applied to the SP office in Pithoragarh, but even after that no action was taken against the accused.

Regarding the matter, the president of Bhim Army Kumaon Mandal said that an attempt was made to defame Amar Ram’s daughter of the Dalit class of Agron village by Manoj Pant of the upper caste. On objecting, Amar Ram and his son were fatally attacked. At the same time, casteist behavior was also done by the victim in the police station and their application was not accepted. At the same time, this matter is of SC ST Act, but the inspector did not even mention it in the application. Bhim Army members said that more than a week has passed since the incident but no hearing has been held. If action is not taken against the culprits at the earliest, they will gherao the police station and protest.


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