Rajasthan: Dalits put on a garland of shoes and danced for hours

Rajasthan: Dalits put on a garland of shoes and danced for hours


Chittorgarh . In Rajasthan, incidents of shame on human beings are coming to light due to persecution of Dalits. Recently, a news has come, where a Dalango, who went to take his water motor, did not give his motor and made him wear a garland of shoes for hours. According to the information, the matter is related to Jhupada village of Kojunda under Gangar police station area. Rattan Banjara, who lives in a nearby village, had taken a motor of water a few days before the Dalit Bhona Bhil. Then on 25 June 2020, when the Dalit Bhona went to take his water motor to Ratan Banjara, Ratan Banjara and his family refused to give the motor.

After that the Dabango not only denied the motor to Dalit Bhanu but also assaulted him. And by wearing a garland of shoes, he was snatched by Ratan Banjara and his family. After that Dalit Bhanu got the case registered in the police station on 26 June. Two accused have been arrested by the police for registering a case under Dalit oppression.

Just as atrocities on Dalits are increasing every day in Rajasthan. She questions the law and order of Rajasthan. Everyday cases of murder, rape, assault and Dalit oppression are coming up.

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