Report filed in killing of woman, Dalits cast vote after noon

Report filed in killing of woman, Dalits cast vote after noon

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After the murder of a Dalit woman in Nangla village, the atmosphere of panic spread among the people of the Dalit society. He did not leave the house to cast his vote on Monday morning. Only after the funeral of the woman’s body in the afternoon did the Dalit community come out of the house to cast their votes.

Vedo wife Rajendra, a 55-year-old Dalit woman, who was cutting wheat in the field in Nangla village, was killed on Sunday with a sharp-edged weapon on her head. His body was found lying in Bablu’s field in the village itself. There was a ruckus by the people of Dalit society regarding the murder. The police sent a post-mortem of the dead body throughout the panchnama. On Monday morning, people of the Dalit community did not leave the voting houses. He got frightened about the incident. The family of the woman lodged a report in unknown. The body of the woman reached the village on Monday after the post-mortem. It was only after the funeral of the woman’s body that the people of Harijan community came out of the voting houses, but their turnout was slow. Out of 322 votes at the number 22 booth in Harijan Chaupal, only 72 votes were cast till 2 pm. Chhaprauli police station in-charge Pradeep Sharma said that after filing a report of the case, they have started searching for the accused. Soon the accused will be apprehended.

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