Statue of Unity: Eclipse of PM Modi’s program, announcement of 2 days closure

Statue of Unity: Eclipse of PM Modi’s program, announcement of 2 days closure

October 19, 2020

  • The Statue of Unity will complete 2 years on 31st October 2020
  • National Unity Day will be celebrated at the Statue of Unity in the presence of PM Modi
  • ‘Kevadia Bachao Andolan Samiti’ announces 2 days Kevadia Dam

Vishal Mistry Rajpipla: The Statue of Unity will complete 2 years on 31st October 2020. That day is celebrated all over the country as National Unity Day. This time National Unity Day is to be celebrated at Kevadia Statue of Unity in the presence of PM Modi. While the preparations for PM Modi’s program are in the final stage, the ‘Kevadia Bachao Andolan Samiti’ has protested against PM Modi’s program and announced Kevadia Bandh on October 30 and 31.

Then a convoy of police from Narmada, Bharuch, Chhota Udepur and Vadodara rural areas will be rocked for PM Modi’s safety. It may be mentioned here that earlier when PM Modi stayed at Kevadia Tent City for 3 days for the program, the tribals also announced Kevadia Dam which was successful.

Tribal leaders of 14 villages coming under the Statue of Unity Tourism Authority met the tribal leader under the auspices of ‘Kevadia Bachao Andolan Samiti’. Other leaders including Praful Vasava, Shailesh Tadvi have put their demands before the President, Prime Minister, Governor of Gujarat, Chief Minister and Narmada District Collector. If it is not resolved in 7 days, then Kevadia closure has been declared for 2 days. At the same time, PM Modi’s program, which also sparks agitation, has been eclipsed.

statue of unity modi breaking

What are the demands of tribal society?

(1) Immediately remove the Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Authority and restore the rights of 14 tribal village panchayats. According to the 5th Schedule of the Indian Constitution and the PESA Act, our fundamental right to make independent decisions of the Gram Sabha will need to be exercised here. We are bound to act in accordance with the resolution that will be passed in this area in accordance with the Indian Constitution and tribal customs.

(2) Wire fencing in the wake of the Corona lockdown to remove the pressure on all the lands of the farmers which have been illegally occupied by the government and return the lands to support the livelihood of the tribals.

(3) The farmers and tribals who have been harmed by the unnecessary filling of water in the weirdam should be given grain equal to the standing crop loss and the lands which have been eroded should be immediately filled with soil. All the houses that have been damaged should not be rebuilt immediately.

(4) Our villages are the ideal village for us. We are happy with the condition of our houses at present. We are currently planning to build a fake ideal village at Gora village which we have never approved.

(5) The Prime Minister’s program scheduled for October 31 is to be canceled. Out of 130 CRPF personnel in the area, 45 positive cases were reported during the Corona epidemic. Now the police force and other forces are coming from other districts or states due to the October 31 program so there is a fear of further spread of corona in our area. If the October 31 program at the Kevadia Statue of Unity is not canceled, the transition to Koro in these areas will increase which is a threat to the tribes.

(6) We do not agree with the current policy of land grabbing in 14 villages. Gujarat Government-Narmada District Police and Government Administration should stop all such illegal activities of harassing and intimidating us by violating the Indian Constitution, forcibly grabbing our lands, making false allegations against us and social workers who are talking about our rights. If our demands are not met, we will be forced to agitate in a crooked way.

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