Struggle with sticks and sticks by entering Dalit wedding

Struggle with sticks and sticks by entering Dalit wedding

Noida Bureau Updated Fri, 27 Nov 2020 12:10 AM IST

Dadri attacked with sticks and sticks after entering Dalit’s wedding . In Dhummanikpur village of Badlapur Kotwali area, some people entered into a marriage in a Dalit family and beat them up with sticks. 4 people, including a woman, were injured in the attack. The victims’ families have filed a police complaint against 10 people, accusing them of looting 80 thousand rupees. Police investigating the case by registering the report denied the robbery incident.

According to police, Neetu, daughter of Sawajit Singh, resident of Dhummanikpur village, was married on Wednesday. Jayaprakash of Bisahara, had brought the vrat of son Vikram. Tents were installed near Ambedkar Bhavan in the village. Some relatives were returning after joining the wedding. The bride’s brother, who was leaving him on the GT road with a bike, was stopped by some people on the way and started abusing him. Protesting bike riders also beat him and ran to the tent. About 10 people came after him armed with sticks and attacked him. Satish, Deepak, in the attack Akash and Poonam were injured. Family members are accused of robbing a chain of about 80 thousand rupees and a relative of Kanyadan, the accused escaped. Police also reached on information. Badlapur Kotwali in-charge Dharmendra Kumar says that the injured have been given medical treatment. Villagers have been beaten up for dancing on DJs. The incident report has been filed. There was no such incident as looting.

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