Tenkasi tense on 30th anniv of four Dalits murdered by upper caste men

Tenkasi tense on 30th anniv of four Dalits murdered by upper caste men


Community tension has resurfaced in Kurinjakkulam village in Tenkasi district of Tamil Nadu following social media hate posts on the 30th anniversary of the murder of four Dalit youths by upper caste people.

A heavy team of police has been deployed in the area after several posts on the murders and challenges and counter challenges in social media snowballed into a major law and order issue.

On March 14, 1992, four Dalit youths from the village were murdered over an issue related to the Gandhari Amman Kovil in the area.

Prohibitory orders have been slapped in the area to prevent people and leaders of the Dalit communities from reaching the place and paying tributes to the youths. More than 1,000 policemen are deployed at the village and near the borders of the Tenkasi district at Thoothukudi district’s Kazhugamalai and Tirunelveli’s Vanikkonthal.

Tenkasi Superintendent of Police, Krishnaraj while speaking to IANS said: “We have arrested some leaders of some Dalit organisations who attempted to reach the village despite the prohibitory orders and we will take strong measures to maintain the law and order situation of the area.”

VCK leader and party Vice-President Vanni Arasu and his party members were among the arrested. Movie director and leader of Tamil Perasu Katchi, another Dalit outfit, Gowthaman was arrested on his arrival at Thoothukudi airport to reach Tenkasi and to pay respects to the four Dalit youths.

Senthil Malar, leader of Mallar Meetpu Kazhagam, another Dalit outfit, was arrested and was slapped with cases under various sections of the Information Technology Act 2000 for posting videos instigating a particular community for violence.

Meanwhile, President of Tamil Nadu Naidu Peravai, an outfit for the upper caste Naidu community, Kamatchi Naidu, in a YouTube video claimed that his own community was responsible for the killing of four Dalit youths. Police said that case would be registered against him for instigating violence and warned that those who are trying to instigate violence on people would face serious consequences.

Courtesy : National herald india

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