The accused of attack on the family of scheduled society have not been arrested yet, victims in panic

The accused of attack on the family of scheduled society have not been arrested yet, victims in panic


Police force is deployed in village Adda of Mathura district for the security of the people of scheduled society. Despite this, fear remains among the victims’ families about the oppressors. Even after four days, the attackers are still away from the police. However, the police are searching for these attackers in the districts of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. The BSP has met the SP countryside and demanded the immediate arrest of the attackers.

On February 20, in the village Adda of Thana Magorra, RLD supporters, enraged by voting on an elephant, attacked the family of a scheduled society. When its video went viral, the accused were seen waving weapons. Bricks and stones were thrown.

More than half a dozen people of the victim’s family were injured in the attack. The blood-soaked victims had reached the Magorra police station seeking justice. Instead of being heard, the policemen scolded the victims and drove them away. After its video went viral, a case was registered against the seven named accused on the intervention of the police officers.

The victim’s family was fleeing on Tuesday by locking the house, but the police went to the spot and assured them of security. When you go and feel the victim. Former BSP MLA Rajkumar Rawat, BSP leader Dara Singh Azad, BSP leaders Gorelal Jatav, Premchand Kardam, District President Yogesh Kumar met SP Dehat Sreeschand on Wednesday regarding the families of the victims.

SP Dehat has assured action. CO Govardhan Gaurav Tripathi said that the search is on for the attackers in Bharatpur in Rajasthan, Hathras in UP and Agra. Soon the attackers will be in the custody of the police.

Angle related to the war that broke out in the presidential election
In the Majra Adda of Singa Patti village of Magorra, the family of the scheduled society is becoming a victim of the war that broke out in the presidential elections. This is coming to the fore in the police investigation. The police has started investigating from every angle.

Please tell that 130 families reside in Majra Adda of Singapatti Panchayat. Out of these, maximum 70 families have been mentioned as Jat, 20 Jatav, 20 Prajapati, Nai, Mallah, Harijan and two houses of Chaubey. Here till now the head has been elected from the Jat caste. There are two factions of Panchayat elections.

Virpal Singh was elected Pradhan from 2000 to 2005. After this Meghashyam’s wife Geeta Choudhary was chosen as the head. In the election, the victim’s family Jagram, Govind etc. had the support of Geeta Chaudhary. Meanwhile, there was a dispute regarding giving leased land to the Dalits. After this, Geeta Singh’s wife Veerpal Pradhan was elected in the 2010 Panchayat elections. The society had given them support this time.

It was from here that Dalits became victims of the war of supremacy. In the 2015 elections, Babita’s wife Vedprakash Pradhan was elected. Presently Geeta Singh’s wife is Veerpal Pradhan. SP Dehat Sreeschand says that the police is investigating every angle. Soon everything will be clear after investigation.

Police made the victim’s statement in court
SP Dehat Sreeschand said that the statement of victim Kanti Devi has been made in the court on Wednesday. Kanti Devi is the plaintiff in this case. After this the sections in the case can be increased.

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