The case of the death of the real sisters: The question of the family on the claim of the police, why did Singhare’s thorns not hurt the face?

The case of the death of the real sisters: The question of the family on the claim of the police, why did Singhare’s thorns not hurt the face?

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two dalit sisters killed and bodies dumped in pond in fatehpur case me new twist up police

In the case of the bodies of two minor Dalit sisters recovered on Monday from a pond in a village in Fatehpur district, family members have alleged that the girls have been murdered after being raped, while the police are reporting the incident. Fatehpur Superintendent of Police (SP) Prashant Verma has released two statements (video) from the police’s social media account before the postmortem of the bodies. In the first statement, he has said, both the real minor sisters had gone to remove the water from the pond where they died due to drowning in deep water.

In another statement, the SP has said, misleading information is being spread on social media, stating that their (girl’s) arms and legs were tied and eyes were blown which is not true. Neither their hands and feet were tied, nor were their eyes torn. Prima facie death seems to be due to drowning in water. The postmortem is being conducted by the panel to know the truth. While the mother of the girls alleged in a statement to the media on Monday night and Tuesday, when the relatives took out the bodies of the girls from the pond, the hands and feet of both the girls were tied to the water chestnut and with a sharp weapon. His eyes were bleeding from bursting.

His mother says, the bodies were taken out of the pond by his uncle Laxmikant and three-four youths from the locality. Police had not arrived by that time. Later, the police came to the house and forcibly sent the two dead bodies for postmortem. The girl’s uncle Laxmikant has alleged that he had informed the district magistrate about the incident by phone at night, when a policeman dragged him over to other policemen and instructed him not to tell anything. During this time, the police have forcibly written to him the ‘death of girl child by drowning in water’. He has alleged that, along with the three other youths who had helped bring the dead bodies out of the water and brought them home, the police kept them in custody overnight so that they could not tell the truth.

Laxmikant claimed the police that ‘the girls have bruises from the water chestnut thorns and died due to drowning in water. But questioning that if the thorns of Singhada hurt the eye and head, then why did thorns not hurt the face or other parts? He has directly accused the police that the police is protecting the culprits and the girls are murdered after rape.

Lakshmikant and several eyewitnesses told that the gram greens that the girls had broken from the field were scattered in the field of the field, which is clear that during the struggle the gram must have been shattered. He said, if the girls had come to the pond to break the water, then the gram greens should have been tied in a cloth on the banks of the pond, while the greens were scattered in the ridge. On the other hand, Inspector Ranjit Bahadur Singh, in charge of the Asother police station, said, “The depth of the pond from which the bodies of the girls have been recovered is eight to ten feet. He denied the charge of taking custody of the girl’s uncle or anyone else.

The family has also put a video of that pond in social media from which the bodies of the girls have been recovered. In the pond which is seen in the video, barely one and a half to two feet deep water and some water chestnut plants are seen. It is worth mentioning that in a village of Asother police station area, late Monday, dead bodies floating in the water were recovered from a pond situated in a forest in the vicinity of two real sisters of eight and 12 years. The two girls had gone to the fields on Monday afternoon to pluck the gram.

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