Ayodhya, Jagran Correspondent.  The body of a girl, who had come out to withdraw money from the house, was found on the fifth day landing in the Tamsa river near Jalalpur Mafi. On Friday evening, some local people informed the police after seeing the dead body of the teenager in the Tamsa river. All the people gathered with Mukesh Nishad, the head of Jalalpur. Police also went to the spot, but the body could not be retrieved immediately as the water was deep. The dead body of the teenager seemed several days old to see from afar, part of which had been eaten by fish. Meanwhile, some people and women of Purakalandar police station area reached the spot and started crying loudly after seeing the dead body of the teenager in the water.

The clothes present on the girl’s body and shoes on her feet have been identified as Mansharam, a Dalit teenager resident of Nandigram Moosepur in Purakalandar, who was missing since August 30, on the day of Janmashtami. Mansi told that the deceased is her younger sister Nancy. The shoes and clothes belong to his sister. Her sister Nancy was a class 11 student at Bharat Higher Secondary School, Bharatkund.

Nancy had left the bank customer service center Bharatkund on the day of Janmashtami on 30th August at 10:30 in the morning to withdraw money from the house, but did not return home till evening. After a lot of searching, no clue was found, on the same day on August 30, a missing complaint was lodged at the Puranakalandar police station. The deceased Nancy was the third of two brothers and three sisters. After getting the dead body, the police team reached the spot and informed the entire Qalandar police station. Kotwal Shyam Sunder Pandey told that the information has been given to the higher officials besides Purna Kalandar police station. He said that the missing report has been filed in Suparlalander.