November 12, 2020

India in Satavt has an advantage dimension move taken is where radical Muslims to rush to Christian prayer meetings on time – time to stop out and everyone else to know the killing of threatened giving out to remove and / or on any one Christian prayer meeting in stopping him ever Beating too Make it easy to have it . Today ‘s the story of a Prrupi / Specialized is. Pastor Elisha and his wife Renuka last 10 years from a housing rent on longer are used. Pastor Elisha ‘s with the rent of the house for prayer and for fteen Christian believers to gather and were , then a crowd such as The residence – Location of climbing has been and in the future in the home in the prayer meeting is not running the warning that the pastor to beat the start you have and those who have them to the village to leave the threat also might enter. ” Later in the We the people of India ‘s Karnataka state of Koppal district of Called to the local police station of Tehsil under . We police station arrived and police officers also us this place to leave the to force the re are , otherwise they Us against the complaint ( FIR ) led will feel that ” pastor ‘s wife Renuka has Presikyusn relief to Information given. “Pastor Elisha did tell – ” We are here from where will , we have no money to do it and not just stay in for a place is , I have my wife and 2 children ‘s with Where will.
House owner faith of a Hindu are , they let us have the place empty to The order said that because Kttrpnthiyon those on pressure put to you that us space empty conducted. Police took us city leaving the for 5 days of final warning given is otherwise he me me against a complaint led to the threat reported. I do not know that I go to look for , I finally the city to remain the decision to have , even though I existing home free to do and new home to seek to have ” As the masihiyom ‘s against the fundamentalist crowd the persecution of the activities of some officials and their police to support the recovery is , chaotic arbitrary harassment and without a proper reason for religion / community to exclude to India in the very much increased the is , the Christian families of the painful Results for India to consider that without cold storage in place have been to.
But we believe we are that God us with the valley in the show are , and this rejection really in God ‘s wisdom in accordance with a new location in one and the beginning of for redirection is. ” Do not be afraid , because I have you with me , here and there , do not stare , because I am your God ; I thee rm will and your help will be , my righteous right hand and I will uphold will. ”- Isaiah 41:10.
So today Presikyus relief of online Sunday worship for all people by Pastor Elisa ‘s to pray to and they believe led to the Holy Spirit to tell and the future of the decisions of about the guide will. ” Blues Do not be , because the Lord ‘s joy your rm Is the stronghold . ”- Nehemiah 8:10. ” And you go ahead run with the Lord is ; That you with the will , and not if you cheat will and do not leave the will ; So do not fear , and your mind is raw not be. ”- Deuteronomy 31: 8. ” I you walk in and you rest will. ”-
Exodus33:14. ” Do not be afraid , because I gave you redeem took it ; I told you the name takes you called it , you mine as is. When you water in it can be , I thee with him will be and when you rivers to be able to go , then they will not drown will; When you re the go then you heat not start , and the frame will not burn will. Because I
am the Lord your God , the Holy One of Israel I am your savior . Thy ransom in I Egypt ‘s and Teri instead Cush and Seba to enjoy myself. ”- Isaiah 41: 1-3
As the wicked in order , we have to remember assure you that their evil as they spiritual reward offer is is. ” I’m the world ‘s people to their evil to the cause , and the wicked for their iniquity: the punishment will ; I am proud of pride to destroy will and violence to I will break the pride of the people . ”- Isaiah 13:11. ” I strongly and with tells me , bad man innocent or will be , but just a seed saved will. ”- Proverbs 11:21. Prayer in the torturing those the Lord of righteousness and for convicted shall be and their bad actions from repentance to Governors and police by the power and authority of the abuse to stop but wisdom and righteousness of with its duty to fulfill to the to pray in , do not be that those on Prmenshwar of anger to are should.
Our Christian brothers and to pray to that they re and confidence to test the strong and unwavering be , because they have their confidence in the testing going to do and spiritual growth as well as testing the success of the fruit is.
From January 2016 to September 2020, Prescription Relief has registered 2224 cases of hate crimes against Christians in India.
In 2019 alone, Prescription Relief registered a maximum of 527 cases, compared to 447 cases in 2018, 440 cases in 2017 and 330 in 2016. Prescription Relief has registered 2067 cases of hate crimes against Christians in India.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), in its 2020 report, has pushed India to the lowest ranking, the Countries of Perticular Concerns (CPC).
The US State Department ranked the persecution in India in “Tier 2”, along with Iraq and Afghanistan. In the last seven years, India has moved up from ranking number 31 to 10th, just behind Iran in the toughness of the Tornat in the Open Doors’ World Watch list.

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