JNN, Sambhal: In the Nakhasa police station area, a high caste girl was taken away by a youth posted in the revenue department of the village itself. Claiming to have married in the temple, the young man sought protection from the court. After this the police force was deployed in the village. On Friday, the people of the girl’s fraternity set up a panchayat. People from many villages participated in it. The decision was given to stop the hookah and water of the people belonging to the Scheduled Castes. They were also refused access to the fields and getting milk at the dairy located in the village. Nor was milk given to anyone. Grocery shops were also closed. On receiving the information, apart from the SDM, CO, police station, PAC reached the village. The police is somehow trying to maintain peace in the village, but there is tension between the two fraternities.

A Scheduled Caste youth resident of a village in the police station area was having a love affair with an upper caste girl of the village. The youth is posted as a lekhpal in the revenue department. Five days ago the lekhpal ran away with the girl. Lekhpal claims that he got married in the temple. After this, by giving an application in the court, they demanded protection. The court ordered to give protection to both. After the order of the court, police force was deployed at Lekhpal’s house. When the upper caste people came to know about this, anger spread among them. Panchayat sat in the village. When the panchayat was held on Friday evening, pressure was made to return the girl. At the same time, a decree was heard in the panchayat that the people of the scheduled caste society would not take milk at any dairy located in the village. Nor will anyone be given milk from the dairy. Not only this, there was a ban on entering the field in the Panchayat. All the grocery shops of Scheduled Caste society in the village were closed. When the administration came to know about the panchayat, SDM Ramesh Babu, CO Jitendra Kumar, Kotwal Omkar Singh reached the village along with the police and PAC. After explaining to the people, he calmed down somehow. After this, apart from the police, PAC has also been deployed in the village. People from five nearby villages participated in the panchayat. inset-

PAC deployed in view of the tension in the village

As soon as the police administration came to know about the panchayat sitting in the village, there was panic. In a hurry, the SDM and CO reached the village with a full police force. In view of the tension in the village, PAC was also deployed. The police administration is keeping an eye on the village.

Things can worsen, milk not taken

The way the decision has been taken in the Panchayat, if the hookah water of one community is stopped like this, then the situation may worsen. The milk of the Scheduled Caste people was not even taken at any dairy on Friday evening. Also, grocery shops were closed. In such a situation, if all this continues continuously, then the situation may worsen. ,

The people of both the communities were banned with a bond of five lakhs each.

In view of the tension in the village, the police took action by banning the people of both the communities with a surety of five lakh rupees each. It has also warned that if anyone tries to disturb the peace, then strict action will be taken. The police are trying to maintain peace by being strict.

Police and PAC personnel have been deployed to maintain peace and order in the village. Preventive action has been taken against some people.

Jitendra Kumar, CO Sambhal

I am not aware of this matter, nor have any complaint letter come to me. If a complaint is received, an inquiry will be conducted.

Manoj Kumar Singh, Tehsildar Sambhal

Edited By: Jagran