Tripura Mosques, Muslim Houses Vandalised Over Bangladeshi Violence

Tripura Mosques, Muslim Houses Vandalised Over Bangladeshi Violence

October 22, 2021

Reports blame it on Hindutva mobs

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – Reports coming from north-eastern state of Tripura bordering Bangladesh say that Muslim houses and mosques are being attacked.

“In Reaction to Bangladesh’s incident, a well-planned series of attacks are being carried out in Tripura by Hindutva mobs. SIO and Civil societies condemned and demanded re-establishment of peace and tranquility in the state,” says a tweet by Sultan, a local activist in Tripura.

Another tweet by DOTO Database, a hate-crimes monitoring and documentation platform, also put out an alert saying that “Scattered reports of vandalism, intimidation and targeting of Mosques and houses of Muslims are emerging from Tripura. Apparently, some protests against the anti-minority violence in Bangladesh are turning violent in Tripura.”

Tripura Infoways website has also reported attack on Krishnanagar Jama Masjid. It says participants of a rally brought out by Vishwa Hindu Parishad on Thursday broke window glasses and CCTV cameras of the mosque.


Meanwhile, a prominent member of the erstwhile royal family of Tripura Pradyot Manikya has condemned the violence and appealed for peace. Manikya is also a leader of Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance. His tweet reads:

“Any motivated acts in our state where minorities are attacked as a retaliation to what has happened in Bangladesh must be condemned! Please remember Two wrongs don’t make a right …. I appeal for peace amongst all religions in our state.”

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