Two Teachers Suspended After Casteist Conversation Goes Viral On Social Media

Two Teachers Suspended After Casteist Conversation Goes Viral On Social Media


Chennai: Two teachers of a government school in Thoothukudi were suspended after their audio clip in which they were found to be talking against people of the Scheduled Caste community went viral on social media.

According to the leaked audio, the two teachers identified as Meena, a computer science teacher and Kalaiselvi, a maths teacher, were found to be talking about the Dalits and their participation in parent-teacher association (PTA) election.

The two teachers were discussing on the lines that they should not allow people from Scheduled Caste to win in parent-teachers association (PTA) election, said a report in Indian Express.

In the audio, Meena first spoke to a male student and she later reportedly handed over the phone to a maths teacher. Kalaiselvi was then heard telling that elections are going to take place. Hence, they should not permit Scheduled Caste people from taking over the school.

However, the boy was heard saying that everyone is equal to which the teacher replied that if people from the SC community win the elections then they will not permit students from other communities to study in the school. She then told him to bring his parents who belong to a particular community to take part in PTA election.

The audio clip soon got leaked and it went viral on social media. Taking a note of the viral audio, District Chief Educational Officer Baladhandyudhapani told the Indian Express that he issued orders to suspend the two teachers and assured to take further action.

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