UP: 6-year-old mute Dalit innocent in Mirzapur, case filed against accused

UP: 6-year-old mute Dalit innocent in Mirzapur, case filed against accused

The family said that he went to work leaving the innocent at home in the jugaad of June 2. When she reached home after returning from work late evening, she (mute girl) did not meet at home .

Update: 2021-01-08
UP: 6-year-old mute Dalit innocent in Mirzapur, case filed against accused

Santosh Dev Giri ‘s report from Mirzapur

Janjwar Bureau. The law and order situation in the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh is getting worse day by day. Increasing incidents of rape and misconduct have put the government and law and order in the dock, especially when the most backward and Dalit society especially young people, even the innocent, are not being spared in these incidents. A similar incident has come to light from the Madihan police station area of ​​Mirzapur located in the extreme backpost and jungles mountains at the end of Uttar Pradesh.

Neighboring Darinde took a 6-year-old mute-born Dalit girl into the forest on the evening of January 7 in a village in the Madihan police station area of ​​Mirzapur district and made her a victim of lust. On the complaint of family members, even though the police have hurriedly filed a rape case against the accused, late night under the SCST and PASCO Act, the victim has been sent to the District Women’s Hospital for treatment, but the pain on the innocent girl and her family And the shock can be seen clearly.

The family said that he went to work leaving the innocent at home in the jugaad of June 2. When he arrived home after returning from work late in the evening, he (the mute girl) was not found at home. Seeing this, family members started worrying about him. After inquiring from the people of the nearby neighborhood, it was found that the forest was visible.

After the search, innocent blood was shed in the forest with unbearable pain and tears were being shed, which at that stage, the family got agitated with crying. Having gathered courage in some way, he brought his innocent daughter home, where upon coming home, the innocent innocent somehow told the story of the whole incident. Here, as soon as the police of the area came to know about the situation, the ground under the police’s foot slipped.

However, while giving a written Tahrir on the Madihan police station by the mother of the victim Masoom, it is reported that her 6-year-old daughter (Mookabdheer) was raped by a boy resident of the same village by taking her to the forest. In this regard, on the basis of Tahrir, police station Madihan has detained the accused and is taking legal action by filing a case against him.

In this regard, Superintendent of Police Ajay Kumar Singh said that after filing a case against the family members of Tahrir, the accused has been taken into custody and the victim has been sent for medical treatment. Currently, the girl child is undergoing treatment. The girl and her family are in deep shock, who shout rather than speak.

Madihan topped in the case of female harassment

The Marihan police station area of ​​Mirzapur district is surrounded by jungles with mountains, as well as the mountainous area and Naxal-affected areas are being recorded in the papers, it is a different matter that the misconduct, not the Naxalites, is increasing here. If we look at the earlier figures, many cases have been out of reach of the police, some have been suppressed at the local level and some cases have been kept by the police.

It is worth mentioning that the mid-region of Mirzapur district is adjacent to Sonbhadra district and is a hilly region. Where the population of backward, tribal and dalit castes is highest. The pain of backwardness can be heard far and wide. The current public representative from this area, Ramashankar Singh Patel, is an MLA from the Marihan Assembly and is also the Minister of State for Energy in the Government of Uttar Pradesh, despite the condition of law and order in this area is worse.

The incident of cruelty to an innocent girl, who is only 6 years old, has raised many questions in the district’s law and order as well as raising questions about how daughters will study in the district and how to proceed? It is not safe even when they stay at home and get out of the house.

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