Superintendent of police and victim complained to Ajak police station

30 MDL 9 Mandla. Azak police station arrived to complain to the victim along with his partner.

Mandla (Naiduniya News). Under Bhuabichhiya police station, a case of assault by a sub-caste with a Scheduled Caste youth has come to light. When he went to the police station to file his complaint, the complaint has not been written. So there have been allegations of harassment by the station in-charge. A written complaint of this matter has been made by the Scheduled Caste youth to the Superintendent of Police and Ajak police station.

This is the case: The complainant went to see Durga ji from her scooty on the 26th of the night and the dust fell due to the car slipping in the Murram. After this, the BJP General Secretary and Deputy Superintendent Yogesh Yadav and his colleagues present there were beaten up with a complaint. The complainant also reported this on Dial 100 and went to the police station in the morning to complain about the incident. But he had no hearing. There are allegations that the city inspector tried to intimidate the complainant. For the last 3 days, the complainant has made several rounds of the police station, but his hearing is not happening anywhere. It has been alleged that in the police station itself, the case was framed and the person most threatened by the police station gave threat. The complainant has also complained about this case in 181 but no satisfactory results have been found so far.

Bichhiya Police is harassing the complainant under political pressure: In the complaint, the complainant has alleged that the Bichhiya police is not registering a case against the accused under political pressure. Yogesh has a good hold in the gram panchayat’s sub-sarpanch and BJP and in the past, he also has several cases like assault and cases like occupation of government land. Due to the influence of the Mandal President, the complainant is not being heard in the Bichhiya police station. The charges have been leveled by the complainant and his family on the police.

Complaint of Superintendent of Police and Ajak police station, due to lack of hearing in Bichhiya police station of the district, the aggrieved youth along with his family members wrote a complaint to new Superintendent of Police Yashpal Singh Rajput. In which the police station in-charge also complained with the whole episode. In the said case, the complainant belongs to the Scheduled Caste class. He has appealed to the Superintendent of Police to get justice. He should not be sidelined by seeing her small.

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I have a written complaint made by the victim. The case will be investigated.

Yashpal Singh Rajput, Superintendent of Police Mandla


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