Uttar Pradesh: 12th student shot dead in home for opposing molestation

Uttar Pradesh: 12th student shot dead in home for opposing molestation

24 Oct 2020

Uttar Pradesh: 12th student shot dead in home for opposing molestation

Crimes against Dalit women are not stopping in Uttar Pradesh .

The case of the death of a Dalit girl in Hathras after the gang-rape has not cooled down yet, that now three miscreants who attacked the molestation in Prem Nagar of Rasulpur police station area of ​​Firozabad entered the 16-year-old teenager’s house late at night And then shot and murdered .

After the incident, the accused escaped waving pistols.

Teenager punished for resisting molestation

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Sachind Patel said that the deceased teenager was around 16 years of age and was a Class 12 student of Mata Prasad Kalavati Devi School in the city.

While returning from school on Friday, accused Manish Yadav, Shivpali Yadav and Gaurav Chak started molesting her. The teenager responded impassively, protesting. Due to this, the accused went threatening him and then reached the teenager’s house in the night and carried out the crime.

This is how the accused executed the incident

SSP Patel said that the three accused broke into the door of the teenager’s house at around 12 pm on Friday night. During that time the parents of the teenager were walking on the terrace and she was sleeping in the room on the first floor.

The accused entered her room and beat her first and then shot her in the head and killed her. Hearing the sound of the bullet, when his parents came down, the accused escaped waving pistols.

Case of molestation and murder filed against the accused

SSP Patel said that the police did a post-mortem of the body and handed it over to the family. Apart from this, based on the report of the teenager’s father, a case has been registered against the accused Manish Yadav, Shivpali Yadav and Gaurav Chak in molestation, murder and other sections.

He said that one of the accused has been taken into custody and an attempt is being made to trace the other two accused from him. He too will be arrested soon.

ADG and IGP inspected the scene of the incident

The killing of the teenager in the middle of the night caused a sensation in the area and there is a lot of anger among the people.

Sensing the opportunity, Additional Director General of Police (ADG) Ajay Anand and Inspector General of Police (IGP) A Satish Ganesh reached the village on Saturday to take stock of the incident and assured the deceased’s father of the required action.

He said that two teams have been formed and both the absconding accused will be arrested soon.

Government’s women power campaign open

Mahila Shakti Abhiyan is being run by the government for the protection of daughters in the state. In this, information is being given about the laws and rules made for protecting women.

Despite this, crimes against women are increasing in the state. Last month, where a Dalit woman was gang-raped in Hathras, in the same month, a Dalit woman was raped at the tip of a gun in Kanpur countryside. With this, the government is on the alert of the opposition.

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