VHP Men in Tripura Molest Muslim Women, Set Ablaze 3 Shops and Vandalise Mosque, Say Locals

VHP Men in Tripura Molest Muslim Women, Set Ablaze 3 Shops and Vandalise Mosque, Say Locals

October 27, 2021

One of the shameful chapters in my political life: Pradyot Manikya, the scion of the ex-Royal family of Tripura

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — Muslims in a Tripura locality have complained to the police that men associated with Hindu extremist outfit Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) molested their women on Tuesday.

According to news outlet Maktoob Media, the incident took place in Panisagar when a VHP rally resorted to vandalism and arson of Muslim shops and homes in the Roa Bazar area.

The contents of the complaint do not delve much into the details of the assault but mention that the mob “sexually molested women”.

It further says that the mob “had planned to attack Roa Jame Mosque. In this grave situation, minority families are feeling insecurity. We would request to take necessary action under IPC against these miscreants.”

The complaint was filed at Panisagar police station in North Tripura district by seven Muslims including two women residing, Maktoob Media report said.

Sultan Hussain, an activist in Tripura associated with Student Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), could not confirm the allegation of molestation as he said due to the prevailing situation, he has been unable to move around.

On Tuesday, a fresh bout of Hindutva violence against Muslims erupted in Tripura in which Hindutva supporters burnt three shops and vandalised a mosque. According to Sultan, “The latest violence took place mainly in North Tripura. It was a massive rally where they shouted derogatory slogans. They wanted to attack a mosque but local Muslims came out to protect it which deterred the mob. But then they turned their anger at the properties of Muslims burning down at least three shops and vandalising another mosque.”

The attacks by Hindu right-wing supporters began last week after reports of violence in Bangladesh where Hindu temples and shrines were targeted by Muslims following allegations of desecration of the Holy Quran on October 13.

Since then, right-wing groups in northeastern states are exhorting people to take revenge against Muslims.

“The situation in the state continues to be on edge,” said Sultan. “Internet has been shut at some places and in North Tripura, the police imposed restrictions on public assembly under Section 144 of CrPC after yesterday’s violence.”

Another activists Noor ul Islam asked why the police was allowing rallies of the Hindutva groups as he accused the government of connivance in allowing the violence to spread. “The police have failed to protect Muslims,” he said.

Muslim voices are questioning the “silence” of the opposition parties, civil society and mainstream media saying that it exposes their double standards in responding the attacks on minority community.

Social media users on Twitter ran a hashtag #SaveTripuraMuslims calling attention to the situation in the state. The people shared visuals showing violence inflicted on Muslims homes, shops and Mosques.

Islam said that the Left parties in Tripua are also silent “because they don’t want to irk the majority community as the local body elections have been announced.”

However, Pradyot Manikya, the scion of the ex-Royal family of the formerly princely state who now heads Indigenous Progressive Regional Alliance, condemned the violence against minorities as he said that “it was one of the shameful chapters in my political life”.

Congress Party also lashed out at the Bharatiya Janata Party saying the situation in Tripura shows “collapse of law & order”. It “strongly condemned the growing violence” in the state while urging the authorities to take action.

Meanwhile, the Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR), a human rights group which has been closely monitoring the situation in the restive state, said that there have been at least 27 confirmed incidents of Hindutva mobs attacking mosques, houses and individuals in Muslim areas. These include 16 incidents where mosques were vandalised and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) flags were forcibly hoisted on them. At least three mosques, Palbazar mosque in Unakoti district, Dogra Masjid in Gomati district and Narola Tila in Vishalgarh were set on fire.

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