Viral video of rape of Scheduled Caste teenager, family said – Gang made videos of other daughters too

Viral video of rape of Scheduled Caste teenager, family said – Gang made videos of other daughters too

Updated Wed, 06 Jan 2021 01:26 PM IST

The Fatal Gang Rape of a Young Woman Is Forcing a Reckoning in India Over  the Caste System

  • So is the blackmailing gang active in the village by making pornographic videos 
  • The teenager’s family said, videos of more daughters of the village have been made 

In a village of Narkhi in Firozabad district, a case of viral video of a teenager has surfaced. It is expected that some youth gang is doing this act. In the video, the young man accused of rape is holding a mobile in his hand and is seen forcibly making the video. The relatives of the teenager also say that this gang of youths make pornographic videos and blackmail the young girls of the village. Due to local treatment, victims avoid action.  

In the village of Narkhi police station, the incident of rape of a teenager has been carried out. The family members of the teenager said that four youths have made videos of other girls in the village. He blackmails them. A similar act was performed with his daughter. The daughters avoid taking action fearing the threat of killing the brother and father. 

youths have made videos of more girls in the village. Such information has not come to the notice. If so, it will be investigated. Strict action will be taken against the culprits. Mukeshchandra Mishra – SP City

Let us know that on Tuesday, a case of rape of a Scheduled Caste teenager came to light in Firozabad district. The girl from the village raped the teenager who took grass in the police station Narkhi area and made a video. After the video went viral, the victim’s family complained to the police on Tuesday. Police have registered a case against two youths of the village under the SCST Act. 

Kishori (16), a resident of Thana Narkhi area, went to the field on December 2 to take grass. Bhuri Singh of the village found her there and took the teenager to an empty house. It is alleged that Bhuri Singh raped the teenager here. His partner Anil made a video of it.

The accused was blackmailing the teenager, threatening to make the video viral. The victim’s family came to know after the video went viral on Tuesday. Police have registered a case under the SCST Act with rape against accused Bhuri Singh and Anil on the complaint of victim teenager. Police officer-in-charge Narkhi Krishna Kumar Tiwari said that both the absconding accused will be arrested soon.

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