When the brothers fell in love with a youth of another caste, they put them to death, said – there was insult in the village

When the brothers fell in love with a youth of another caste, they put them to death, said – there was insult in the village

Publish Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2021 12:12 AM (IST)Author: Raksha Panthri

When the brothers fell in love with a youth of another caste, they put them to death.
Angry brothers called her sister from Bihar to Dehradun and put her to death. One brother in the accused lives with his family in Dehradun. The only fault of the girl was that she had fallen in love with a youth of another caste.

agran Correspondent, Dehradun. Two brothers and sister-in-law strangled her to death by bringing her 18-year-old sister from Bihar to Dehradun after she fell in love with a youth of another caste. His body was buried under the stones in the forest. The case opened on the suspicion of the brother-in-law of the deceased. The body was recovered by the police on the 37th day of the murder. The girl was a resident of Ahiroliya village of Motihari district of Bihar. Raipur police station has arrested both the accused brothers and sister-in-law.

Speaking to reporters at the police office on Friday, SP City Sarita Dobal said that on December 13, the Raipur police station found the body of a young woman in a rotten condition in the Soda-Sirauli forest. Police tried to identify the deceased through newspapers and internet media. On 20 December, Rajeev Nagar, a resident of Muntun Bhagat, Dehradun identified the girl as his sister-in-law Reena. Reena’s brother Subhash lives in Dehradun with the family. Younger brother Sandeep also lives with him. A few months back, Sandeep had brought Reena from Bihar to Dehradun.
On the evening of November 6, Subhash and his wife Phoolkumari told brother-in-law Muntun Bhagat that Reena and Sandeep had gone to Bihar. When the brother-in-law inquired at the in-laws’ house, it was learned that Sandeep had reached the village alone from Dehradun. On this, when he asked Subhash, Sandeep and Phoolkumari about Reena, they started procrastinating. Meanwhile, on receiving the dead body, Muntun lodged a case on December 20 at Raipur police station, expressing suspicion of Reena’s murder on all three.

When Raipur SHO Amarjeet Singh, who was investigating the case, reached Rispana bridge near Rajiv Nagar, the rented house of the accused, the neighbors told that all had gone to Bihar. In such a situation, a team was sent to Bihar. On December 22, the accused Sandeep was arrested from Bihar and brought to Dehradun on transit remand. At the same time, Subhash and Phoolkumari were arrested from Rajiv Nagar in Dehradun on 23 December.

Was getting the threat of eviction from the society

Sandeep told the police that Reena used to be missing from the house several times throughout the night. Due to this the family was getting insulted in the village. She used to roam around with a youth of another caste from the same village. She was trying to get married with the same young man. Due to this, the people of the fraternity in the village were threatening to evict his family from the society. In such a situation, he brought Reena to Dehradun on 26 October. From here too, Reena was constantly talking to her boyfriend on the phone. He also had a fight with Reena about this.

The forest was taken on the pretext of roaming

On November 6, Sandeep, Subhash and Phoolkumari took Reena to the Soda-Sirauli forest on the pretext of a walk. The trio strangled him to death at a secluded place. After the murder, the trio buried his body with stones in the forest itself. After this, Sandeep went to his village in Bihar by train and Subhash and Phoolkumari came to their rented house in Rajiv Nagar. Subhash told the acquaintances living in Dehradun that Sandeep and Reena have gone to Bihar. Whereas, it was told in the village that Reena is living in Dehradun.


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